Buying suits in Thailand – Advice for people going to Bangkok & Phucket

How to buy a suit in Thailand

How to buy a suit in Thailand. Important advice for anyone wanting to get a top quality suit for a rock bottom price when visiting Thailand

What you need to know before buying a suit

  1. Good suits take at least 5 days & multiple fittings. If someone promises you a suit in 24 hours keep walking. Getting a great deal a suit is useless if it doesn’t fit right.
  2. Getting a good suit is 50% craftsmanship & 50% the quality of material used. Stay away from the $99 shiny polyester suits unless you are planning on selling used cars or hosting a bingo.
  3. Do your research! Prices for suits range from $3,000 – $30,000 baht and just because you are paying more doesn’t always mean it’s better. Check websites like facebook, trip advisor & google. Be sure to read both the negative and positive reviews so you know what to expect.
  4. Never pay for a suit until you’re 100% happy with it. Sure leave a deposit of 30-50% but paying for a suit up front removes the motivation from the staff to get everything just right & it’s the small details can make or break a good suit.
  5. When you choose your suit make sure you staple samples of the material to the quote you’re giving. When you return for a fitting compare the sample you took with the material of the suit. Bait and switch techniques are common in South East Asia.
  6. Styles in South East Asia are completely different from the US and Europe don’t let the tailor tell you what you want. Do your research bring in pictures and tell them “I want my suit to look exactly like this”. For example Thai people tend to be very slender and it normal for them to add big should pads to their suits. If you have a larger stockier build these shoulder pads will make you look like a football player.

Step 1: Find pictures of suits you like using Pinterest

Use pinterest to find suits that you like ask your tailor if he can copy the styles

Step 2 : Find a list of tailors & get quotes

Use websites like Tripadvisor, Facebook & google to compare tailor’s reputations.  Never buy a suit without going to at least three reputable tailors and getting price quotes with fabric samples. This step is absolutely critical. Remember a suit is 50% material and 50% craftmaship so it’s important that you like your tailor and feel comfortable asking for alterations.  You don’t need to be an excellent negotiator to get an amazing price on a suit. Let the free market work for you! Go into each store tell them exactly what you want and get a price quote. The salesman will try every trick in the book to get you to commit to purchasing there on the spot. It’s his job to sell you a suit, it’s your job to get the suit you want at the best possible price. Stay strong these people sell suits for a living. They will say things like “if you buy it today I’ll can give you a 30% discount.” New flash there is no such thing as a today only deal I guarantee that if you come back tomorrow they will give you the same discount so relax smile and say “Thank you, let me think about this”. Just before you’re about to walk out of the store ask “Can you do a little better on the price?”.

Here are the prices I was quoted from the top three tailors on trip advisor before negotiating.

50% Wool Suit (Pants & Jacket)

$8000 baht ($230us)

$5750 baht ($170us)

$5750 baht ($170us)

100% Wool Suit (Pants & Jacket)

$14000 baht ($380us)

$10500 baht ($300us)

$10000 baht ($285us)

100% Cotton Shirt

$2500 baht ($80us)

$2350 baht ($75us)

$2000 baht ($60us)

50% Blend Cotton Shirt

$1500 baht ($40us)

$1150 baht ($35us)

$1150 baht ($35us)

50% Blend Pants

$5000 baht ($140us)

$3000 baht ($80us)

$2000 baht ($60us)

Step 3 : Choose the tailor you like & negotiate

You’ve visited multiple tailors, you’ve asked a lots of questions and now you know exactly what you want. It’s time to negotiate. Thailand isn’t like the US or Europe the price you are quoted can be 30 or 50% more than the price you end up paying if you’re smart. Sales people are smart they are professional negotiators and it is there job to sell you the suit you want while making their business the most profit possible.