Cryptocurrency News Report Jan 28 2018

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January is coming to a close. This has been yet another exciting week for cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technologies. Many believe that 2018 will be the year that Blockchains scale. This week’s crypto news suggests they may be right.


ASU graduates


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ASU and Dash Team Up to Improve Blockchain Research

Arizona State University and Dash (DASH), have teamed up to give graduate students more opportunity to better research Blockchain technologies. Dash will help fund ASU’s Blockchain Research Lab. Dash will also provide $100,000 in scholarships for undergraduate and graduate research fellowships. This should greatly improve students and researchers opportunities to study Blockchain technologies at Arizona State University.


iota logo


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$4m of IOTA Stolen Due to the Use of Online Seed generators

Hackers made off with 4 million dollars of IOTA (MIOTA) because their victims used online seed generators. As you may know, when storing IOTA you are required to create a Seed. Your seed is a string on 81 capital letter which can also include the number 9. This seed is what you use to access your IOTA. Think of and an IOTA Seed as your private key. Some people where mislead by websitea posing as legitimate seed generators. These site actually logged each seed that was generated, then stole the IOTA in the wallets linked to those seeds. This is a remember to always keep your private keys and seeds safe and never share them with anyone.


ICON (ICX) logo


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ICON Lunches Its Mainnet

The popular cryptocurrency, ICON (ICX), launched its mainnet this week. This in good news for developers and investors. With the launch of the ICON mainnet 1.0, DApps can now be developed for the network. It will be interesting to see how the ICON network preforms now that it is live and available to the public.


NEO founder Da Hongfai speaking


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NEO Holds Its First Dev Con

This week marks a huge step forward for the NEO Blockchain. NEO (NEO), China’s first public Blockchain will hold its very first developer conference in San Francisco, California. The conference will be an opportunity for all those participating in the development of the NEO Ecosystem to meet up and share ideas. Perhaps the NEO first Kill DApp will come as a result of this conference.


Oil Platform


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The Ethereum Blockchain Will Be Used by the Oil and Gas Industry

It has been announced that the Ethereum (ETH) Blockchain will be integrated into the oil and gas industry. This is a result of a join venture between ConsenSys, which specializes in Blockchain development, and Amalto, a leader in the data management industry. This is exciting news and continues the trend of large industries adopting Blockchain technologies.