Glossary of Words and Acronyms Used in Blog Posts

CMS: Content Management System. A computer application that organizes, publishes, edits, etc. a website from a central interface. Often used for blogs, and shopping sites; the CMS that this website uses is WordPress.

CTA: Call to Action. A didactic or command designed for immediate response, such as “Call today.”

CTR: Click Through Rate.  A measurement of success used in online advertising in which link clicks are divided by the number of impressions made.

Dolly: A platform on wheels used to smoothly move objects during filming.

Growth Hacking: A marketing technique which uses creativity, analytics, and social metrics to gain exposure.

Lav: in the context of this blog, a lavalier microphone. These microphones are worn pinned or clipped to the clothing for close proximity to a sound source.

PNG: Portable Network Graphic. The most-used graphic file format on the internet that supports lossless data compression.

PPC: An advertising model in which advertisers pay the publisher/ website owner when the ad is clicked.

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