Learn Spanish without spending money. How I became fluent in 12 months

Learn Spanish
How to become fluent in Spanish without spending money

Here’s a list of the free (& almost free) tools I used

  • Duolingo – The best IPhone app ever created. The developers deserve a nobel prize!
  • Netflix – Has thousands of hours of quality programming in Spanish with English subtitles
  • Fiverr – If you get stuck and need help this is a great place to find someone to help you
  • Meetup – Teach someone English & they’ll teach you Spanish
  • Lexttalk – Excellent IPhone language exchange application

After practicing every day for 12 months here’s my progress

Transcript: Learn Spanish in under 12 months

I want to share with you how I became fluent in Spanish in under twelve months without spending any money, living in a Spanish speaking country or taking a university class.

This was my second attempt to learn a foreign language. In high school I studied French for four years and after all that time was only able to understand and speak simple phrases. My French was useful for ordering at restaurants but that was about it. Before I start I want to say that my Spanish is not perfect, I still struggle getting my verbs and sentence structure correct. Every day I learn new words, phrases and slang. When people start talking fast I find it difficult to understand but each day I can feel myself slowly improving and I hope with a consistent and determine attitude I will one day speak perfect Spanish. Now get ready for the best part because I am going to share with you the tools I used. Best of all they all cost little or no money.

The easiest way to start learning the basics of Spanish is with DuoLingo I can not say enough good things about this free application. There are hundreds of quick ten minute lessons that introduce you to new words, grammar and test your pronunciation. Each time you successfully complete a lesson you gain points. I enabled progress sharing and challenged my friends to compete against me, it is an excellent way to stay motivated. This application has helped me more than any other tool in learning spanish. The secret with it is to use it everyday. I try and complete two lessons before I brush my teeth in the morning and in one year I’ve been able to complete over 850 lessons.

The second most powerful tool I used to learn Spanish was Netflix. There are so many movies and television series that have been dubbed in Spanish I have never run out of things to watch. My favorites are Arrested Development, Orange is the new black, House of Cards, Disney cartoons and En La Boco Del Lobo. When I first started learning spanish I would watch a TV series I had already seen before, then change the audio to Spanish with english subtitles. As I got more comfortable and understood more I switched the subtitles to spanish and started watching new programs. Spanish soap operas like En La Boca Del Lobo may not be the best quality but they helped me learn spanish much faster because they offer hundreds of hours of programming with a consistent plot and characters that speak slow and over emphasize words. My love I would never lie to you. But you lied to me this morning. Well that was different I promise I would never lie to you again.

Fiverr.com is website where people from arround the world offer there services for five dollars. Searching “Learn Spanish” will show hundreds of results and I found some great teachers that would give me thirty minute skype lessons for five dollars. Don’t have five dollars to spend? Sign up and offer to teach someone english then use the money you make to buy spanish lessons.

Once I learnt the basics I found language exchanges to be very useful. Using meetup.com I found a group of spanish speaking people that wanted to learn English. They would hold weekly meetings at a coffee shop close to my house and it was great having people to practise my spanish with while I helped them with English. I also used a language exchange IPhone application called LexTalk that works like facebook messenger and connected me with people all over the world. I wanted to thank the developers of LexTalk because they are responsible for introducing me to my beautiful girlfriend who is also the cameraman today. Say Hello Giuzmelk.

Another trick that helped me a lot was writing spanish words on yellow post it notes and sticking them around the house. For example when I opened the draw in my kitchen I had notes saying knife, fork, spoon etc

An for my final piece of advice I recommend changing the language settings on your phone and computer. I found this very annoying at first but after a while I got use to it and it helped me add a lot of words like codigo, pantella into my vocabulary.I hope you have found this video useful and you’re ready to start learning Spanish. Please subscribe to my youtube channel and leave comments because I’ll be releasing more great content in the near future.