Photoshop 101 – Creating a step and repeat banner action in CS6


***Transcript from video****

Today I’m going to show you how to make a simple Photoshop action that’s going to allow you to automate the entire process of building a Step and Repeat banner. These are used at press events and promotions and make great backdrops for parties so let’s get into Photoshop 6 here in this is what we’re going to be looking at and let’s actually close this and start from fresh what we’re going to do is we are going to open our action palette right here and we’re going to our action we are going to press play. It is going to ask us to select a logo. Now the computer is going to automatically align the logo up in Step and Repeat pattern so we don’t actually have to do it and this is going all happen very quickly. We are going to select another logo which is going to go in the center and now you can see we’ve made an entire Step and Repeat banner in about thirty seconds so we go down to the window palette here and we go to windows actions and we are going to make a new action. We are going to call it Step and Repeat banner and now it is recording and we are going to make a new document and we’re going to make it one hundred twenty inches wide by ninety six inches high and the nice thing here is that you can preset everything so the user can’t make a mistake and we will call this Step (It is very pretty) and you can see that all this information is being recorded down on now the Step here. Next we are going to make a dialogue to tell the user to upload a logo and we are going to allow continue which means the action doesn’t have to stop and next we are going to make it even easier and actually open the menu item for the user. You say file open and we are going to say okay so let’s just stop this action here and let’s just close it up and play it from the very start and just make sure everything’s working so if everything works a new document should be opened called Step and Repeat banner it will say please select a logo I will select a logo and it will open in a new window.

Okay very good and now we want to do is we want to resize this so we are going to go down to the last window here and press record again. We need to record this and we are going to resize this image and we are going to want to make it fifteen inches which is good size for Step and Repeat and we are going to make it a hundred and fifty dpi to match the document size and we are going to want to copy on to the original document now what we’re going to do is we are going to stop the action now and play some alignment guides in and you won’t need these when we are doing it the first time because the computer will know where to place the logo so what we will do is just create one here and also create a new guide and this will just help to keep everything aligned and now what we want to do is we want to hit record again and we going to go back to my layer here and move it if you really want it. We are going to want to duplicate this layer we’re going to want to move it over here and we will duplicate this layer again now what we will do is we will get rid of this middle layer and we will merge these two together which is layer page down and duplicate. We will delete this layer over the top that is not being used and move it down and we will duplicate the layer down. Now it is important here not to use control A control C which is control like the lazy man’s way to do it what we are going to do here is we are going to merge these layers down and duplicate it because we want to keep the layers that aren’t visible on the screen so we go like that we can deal with it I will show you how to do it this is our [Inaudible] so we do have logos off the edge of the screen very nice we will merge these two now it is very nice and we will now merge those down duplicate them again so something has gone off here I am not sure this is going on we’re just off on this very last line here. Everything else is on this just one graphic seems to be a little bit off we’ll take care of that in a second so now everything is looking pretty good what we will do is we will merge these last layers down and I am just sort of annoyed I don’t know why it is just a little off what we will do is we will do so now it all looks how we want. Let us stop the recording now and just get rid of our guides that is why I had the guides in place and we can get rid of the guides it kind of looks pretty. Now what happens if you want to take it one step further and we want to ask the user to put a large logo in the center here what we will do is we are going to create one more dialogue and we are going to say please select my logo repeat I am going to allow continue so this is another dialogue box and we are going to say file menu open it can’t be the same logo it could be a different logo. The user can choose file open and what that is going to do is we are going to hit stop on the record button here because we don’t want to record this step we want to actually open the next. We want to actually do that ourselves so we are going to go open it is now recording we are going to get back to select our logo.

This is our logo right here now we are going to hit record again and we are going to say image we will make this large we are going to make this thirty eight inches across. We are going to copy and we are going to place this now on the original document. Very cool so now we have made a Step and Repeat and we have also given the user an option to make a large graphic here. Now the nice thing is we can actually save this for the user so what we will do is we will go to file save as and save on the desktop and we can actually make the right jpeg format and say Step and Repeat banner ready to send the 58 graphics for print change this plug save and now we can make sure that the format options are right. It takes a while this is not my fault I was raised as an only child which really pissed my sister off. Unfortunately guys that judge don’t get better from here. Okay now lets actually save the file to the desktop I actually should have warned the user that I was going to save the file to the desktop so let me just insert a stop here and say this file is now. Okay so now it is time to run the action and find out if everything is actually working properly alright lets hit play. Check logo let us just select a random logo color. Now this might Step and Repeat and ask me to add another logo lets add something I made little earlier and we can stop that there so now we have a nice little open house sign in the middle of it. If we wanted to for example adjust the sizing if you weren’t happy with something we could quick right now perfect. That is the Step and Repeat. Now what happens if you want to download this action instead of just making yourself and just use the ones that I have created lets go over that task right now. What you would do is you would go to a 58 graphics dot com and once you are on this lovely website here you would go to banners Step and Repeat and you can download this off the description tab here. When you do this it will download a zip file you can open this zip file up here and you will see this atn file. If you double click on this atn file Photoshop is automatically going to open up so lets actually just close our actions out here. Lets close Photoshop and lets pretend that you have just downloaded this action and you want to play it because this is going to save you a bunch of time and make your life way easier. Photoshop is going to launch. Now if we go to my window with actions you are going to see that my Step and Repeat action here that I just saved or I just opened is going to be right here so if you click on this there are my three actions depending on which Step and Repeat option I want I can select then and they are good together it was that easy to install. If you have any questions go ahead and email me.